CEO of Alexander Vinnik charged over $4 billion bitcoin laundering scheme

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has charged a Russian Bitcoin exchange operator with 17 counts of laundering up to $4 billion since 2011. Alexander Vinnik was arrested earlier this week by Greek police, and shortly afterwards, security firm Wizsec identified him as a prime laundering suspect in the infamous $480 million Mt. Gox hack. “BTC-e was an international money-laundering scheme that, by virtue of its business model, catered to criminals — and to cyber criminals in part

W3coin (W3C) Initial Coin Offering At Glance

Details about W3coin (W3C):

Symbol: W3C
Token Supply: 200 billion
Technology: ERC-20 Technology
Initial Coin Supply: 5 billion
Public Allocation: 65 billion
Hold Back Allocation: 30 billion
Reserve Allocation: 15 billion
ICO Value: 1 ETH = 50000 W3C
W3C Value After ICO: $0.01 per w3c ( in exchange)
Purchase methods accepted: ETH
Tokensale opening date: 10 July 2017
Tokensale closing date: 25 Aug 2017

W3C expects to gain significant international market share through a retail e-commerce delivery platform, coin trading and bulk remittance activity. Offering both a currency and a set of payment solutions, the platform will introduce a complete cryptocurrency ecosyste


Symbol: DFBT
Tokensale opening date: 13 Aug 2017
Tokensale closing date: 13 Sept 2017

DENTALFIX is a cyber security blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record network. Think of us a bridge that connects siloed, centralized EMR systems. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. From the platform, smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care payment cycle.
The company is created through the merger of two technological start-ups from the dental industry, with revenues of more than $100,000 and 300+ real customers at the current stage.

There is a growing demand for <stron

State of Delaware Governor Signs Blockchain Legislation

A portion of the law explains: “Any records administered by or on behalf of the corporation in the regular course of its business, including its stock ledger, books of account and minute books, may be kept on, or by means of, or be in the form of, any information storage device, method, or one or…

House Token ICO – The world’s first house bought with Ethereum

If this ICO is successful, a family will finally have their own home.
That family will fill the house with appliances, furniture, electronics and a two year old human. Maybe even a dog.

Food, Water, Shelter, Statue?

We all need those first three things.
In the unlikely event this ICO actually takes off, we will get a super statue of the Ethereum logo in the front yard.

Token Value

As for the actual House Token you’ll receive to your Ethereum address, we will do all the things required to get it listed on exchanges. As for it’s worth, that is up to the market to decide.

Learn more at

John McAfee Claims Bitcoin Will be Worth $500,000 in Three Years

As a cybersecurity and software pioneer, McAfee is a name known inside and outside of the digital currency space. Last year the former programmer for NASA stated that he got involved with the digital currency because it will eventually become ‘the standard for the world.’

Now, though, in what may have been a marketing tactic designed to grab the community’s attention, McAfee took to social media to predict what he thinks bitcoin’s worth will be in three years time.

He then went so far as to predict that the currency could even reach as much as $2.6 million in the same time frame.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance adds an Indian Government to 150+ Members

Founded by an initial 30 members in February 2016, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a working group of companies, organizations and Ethereum development startups aiming to leverage open-source Ethereum technology for enterprise blockchain solutions.

In May, the EEA added 86 new members to the original founding members to see its membership ranks swell to 116, a number closer to the open-source Hyperledger Project led by the Linux Foundation.

With its latest announcement, the EEA is laying claim to being the ‘world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative’ with a number of noteworthy new members from a number of sectors across banking, healthcare, energy and pharma. A standout, however, is the government of Andhra Pradesh, a southern Indian state known for its technology-forward agenda.

J A Chowdar

What else is needed before SegWit goes live?

Bitcoin is on the road to increasing its capacity – but it’s not there yet. Despite the claim bitcoin has been upgraded to support Segregated Witness-style transactions, there are more steps that need to occur before its distributed network can process additional data. In fact, due to the complexities of keeping bitcoin’s distributed network in unison, the change might not take hold until late August.
That said, with BIP 91 activated, bitcoin is now headed down a path toward that possible outcome.
In context, this means that BIP 148, a proposal that seeks to upgrade the

A Blockchain-Based Music Ecosystem is Hosting a $18 Million Crowdsale

Musiconomi, a blockchain-based ecosystem for the music industry, is holding a crowdsale on July 28 to August 28 to raise $18 million. It uses smart contracts to distribute compensation to artists each time a song is played. A total of 100 million tokens, called MCIs, will be distributed in the crowdsale, which will have a minimum threshold of $6 million. The token will grant users access to different tools within the platform.
Musiconomi marks the second startup to pass through’s crowdsale incubation program and will leverage its Priority Pass mechanism as a part of the sale.

Immediate Payment For Artists“Musiconomi is a blockchain-based platform, which in addition to being a world-class streaming service, encourages musicians, fans and industry experts to share, collaborate and participate by offering immediate payme ICO — The First Blockchain mobile operator

  • Tokensale opening date: 27 July 2017
  • Tokensale closing date: 7 August 2017

How it works?

Ziber is a decentralized system of masternodes around the world installed on different servers or VPS. The Ziber mobile application redirects VOIP calls from mobile phones, Internet applications and other devices to the main blockchain system. All network members earn using their devices as a proxy server for routing Ziber traffic. People, who are not connected to Ziber, will pay for international long distance calls. Our mission is to completely change the voice communication market between different countries and roaming. We want to relieve people from paying large sums of money to mobile providers around the world. Moreover, we want anyone to give an opportunity from using t (BBT) ICO

On the Brickblock platform you can purchase tokenized ETFs that track indices like the S&P500, DAX 30 or Nikkei 225, real estate funds like a Blackrock European property fund, and coin funds like the TOP10 cryptocurrencies. These tokenized assets can be held securely in your Ethereum wallet representing the real value of the underlying asset.

Brickblock aims to be an inclusive investment platform that empowers people from all income classes to participate in the global market. Through bypassing a number of middlemen, Brickblock is able to lower the extreme fees to a fraction of the cost of traditional retailers.
By using the blockchain and smart contracts to trade the tokenized assets, Brickblock beats clearing houses in clearing&settlement time (1 minute vs. two days), traditional exchanges in trading hours ( 24/7 vs. 12 hours MO-FR) and banks in geographical reach (global access vs. single

India’s Primary IT Trade Body Establishes Blockchain Special Interest Group

Delhi-based blockchain startup BlockSmiths is partnering NASSCOM to install the blockchain-exclusive special interest group. As is Quatrro, a global FinTech services firm with a presence in Asia and the United States.

In statements, Blocksmiths business chief and now founding member of Blockchain SIG Harmeet Singh Mongha said:

We see our partnership to form a SIG with NASSCOM as a wonderful opportunity to develop the Blockchain community in India. We strongly believe that India has the potential to lead the Blockchain revolution in the South East Asian region and help businesses from various industries become highly streamlined and efficient by adopting Blockchain.

The Blockchain SIG has already held its first meeting with representatives from inaugural member organizations including private banking giant Axis Bank, ‘big four’ accounting firm Deloitte, tech hardware manufacturer Nokia among others.

As things stand, the Blockchain SIG is focusing on