Webcoin ICO(Initial Coin Offering)

Symbol: Webcoin
Token Supply: 100 million
Technology: Waves Asset
Pre-sale Coin Supply: 30,000,000
Tokensale opening date: 25 Sep 2017
Tokensale closing date: 30 Sep 2017
ICO Coin Supply:
Tokensale opening date: 1 Oct 2017
Tokensale closing date: 31 Dec 2017
Social Bounty Coin Supply: 2,000,000
Public Allocation: 100,000,000
Hold Back Allocation: 0
ICO Value: 1 Webcoin = $1
Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, WAVES, ZCASH, ETC


Webcoin is a new cryptocurrency asset based on the Waves Blockchain. Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem. Webhits.io hel


The biggest conference on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining – Blockchain Life 2017 is taking place on September 26, 2017 in Saint-Petersburg

Russian top politicians are expressing their interest in cryptocurrency and blockchains, calling them “the new internet”. Similarly, business leaders are also interested in cryptocurrency, as they see big money potential in developing and selling it.

Conference websitehttp://blockchain-life.com

Blockchain Life 2017 has the lead specialists of industry as speakers, as well cryptocurrency startup founders and experts of digital regulations.

Some of the speakers: Sasha Ivanov (CEO and founder, Waves), Sergey Khitrov (CEO, Adwad Group), Anton Goluba (СЕО, Lykke), Anatoliy Kaplan (CEO, Forklog), Aleksandr Voskoboynikov (NBA) and other cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

In addition to scheduled talks, the conference will have an exhibition zone, where every participant can make themselves familiar with the latest solutions in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologi

Spank Coin ICO

Name: Spank Coin
Symbol: (SPNK)
ICO token supply: 100,000,000
3,000 SPNK = 1 ETH
Opening date: Aug 15, 2017
Closing date: Oct 15 2017
25% bonus day 1, token bonus first 7 days

Spank Coin is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that will give holders producer credits from videos on our site. The site is a youtube of the adult world in that any consenting and legal person can upload sexy videos. Couples, models, studios, adult performers can upload their amateur and professional videos and earn the highest rates in the industry based on the sales. They also get paid from streams for each view from our members. With the newly issued Spank Coin, you too will be able to join in the profits as a producer.

Most adult video sites take huge perc

WePower Launches Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Platform and Announces Registration for Fundraiser

WePower invites everyone to join the green energy exchange platform now. The platform already has all partner agreements that would facilitate the launch, and all necessary Letters-of-Intent are in place. The demo product is already working, with another major update coming soon for blockchain and use of smart contracts so that investors can finally enter the green energy market directly. By buying green energy on the WePower platform, they finance the development of green energy producers and make the market more attractive, encouraging the production of more energy. They earn money and help save the planet at the same time.
Manmade climate change and the resulting temperature increase have been proven to accompany the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels. These changes are poised to cause severe damage to the world’s ecosystem, food systems, and climate by the end of this century. One of the main strategies

This game makes cryptocurrency mining fun for anyone

Developed by three game design and cryptocurrency companies, this browser game is all about making cryptocurrency mining more accessible. In a fictional galaxy (far, far away…) you build your base and start mining so-called Crypto Crystals. Whereas in normal games this in-game currency doesn’t hold any value, Hash Rush comes with a twist: these coins are backed by an actual minable cryptocurrencies like ETH, ETC, ZEC etc.

Exploring the Hash Rush Game


First, let’s dive into the game. In Hash Rush, you choose one of three factions. Each faction has its own unique story, characteristics and missions. You start with a small space colony in the fictional Hermeian Solar System. Your goal is to mine and spend Crypto Crystals to safeguard your colony against external disaster. At the same time, you try to slowly but surely expand your colony’s reach.


You do this by putting your units to good use. The

Organizers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference to hold a large-scale ICO event in Moscow

The organizer of the ICO event Moscow, Smile-Expo, is an international exhibition company, initiator of several conferences dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The ICO event is a daughter project of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow, the largest specialized event in Russia.
Over 10 speakers are expected at the ICO event Moscow. Presentations will be divided in three sections: for investors, for startups, and marketing analytics. Speakers will include specialists in the field of cryptocurrency, founders of well-known companies that develop blockchain-based software, participants of successful ICOs.
Conference guests will learn about not only marketing analytics but also real-life case studies of high-profile ICO projects as well as receive practical recommendations that motivate to take action.
The main topics that will be discussed at the ICO event Moscow:

  • ICO and IPO: comparison, peculiarities;
  • regulatory framework for

100x Blockchain Investors Summit Webinar on August 8th & 9th

$1000 invested in Bitcoin in early 2010 would be roughly $40 million today.

That’s a 40,000x return.

$1000 invested in Ethereum in early 2014 would be well over $700,000 right now.

That’s a 700x return.

There’s a lot of excitement these days. There’s a lot of hype. Now Token Sales or “ICOs” are all the rage. Companies and organizations are earning/raising millions in days or minutes. It’s reminiscent of the dot com days. So what’s going on? Is this all real? If so how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

Learn more about our 100x webinar conference

The Problem

What I realized is there’s a lack of quality resources to learn about how to invest in Bitcoin and blockchains especially if you’re new. It’s complex and confusing to understand blockchain technology. It’s also hard to keep up with the exponential activity that’s going in the indust