The New Bitcoin Roulette Sites

The mix of two of the biggest online trends is calling everyone’s attention. We all know the great advantages of Bitcoin in online activity and as roulette gains more popularity through casino users, these big tendencies are now closer than ever.

What’s so special about the roulette?

Roulette is one of the most fascinating casino games available, it is one of the favorites of users as it’s recognized as one of the most glamorous games, well seen in the media, however it isn’t the only reason why roulette is great.

One of the reasons why this game is so popular is the variety of bets possible; you can bet to the color of the slot where the ball will fall after the wheel spins, you can also bet on the number or if the number will be pair or not, if it will be between 1-18 or between 19 and 36, you can even bet selecting if the ball will fall in a slot next to 0. Of course you can make more complex bets and try different combinations to increase your earnings, it all depends on the knowledge you have or you are acquiring about this game.

If the variety of betting options is not enough; you may find several types of roulette available in casinos online; the most famous are the French roulette and the American roulette, however since we are talking about the most technological advanced online casinos (Bitcoin casinos) you’ll sure find the possibility of playing this game live with dealers and other players live from your computer or mobile device.

When does Bitcoin comes to play?

The secondly most amazing trend of online casinos is the offer of Bitcoin as payment method; this popular virtual currency brings several advantages to the table. First of all we have the common Bitcoin pros meaning security in transactions, rapidity of withdrawals if required and the reduction of transaction fees.

However the biggest advantage when using Bitcoin for funding your online casino is the privacy it offers, several users prefer to leave their bank accounts apart from their casinos accounts and Bitcoin is the best option for managing your casino earnings with complete privacy, it is important to point out that this is true only for online casinos that use only this cryptocurrency as payment method, if not your bank, casino and Bitcoin accounts will be related.

And this is exactly one of the reasons why Bitcoin casinos are becoming so popular and why there are so many new platforms arising.

While the offer of online platforms for playing roulette with Bitcoin increases, you must make sure you select the right option for you. The first consideration you should make it’s about fun, you should give priority of the core of this activity which is the possibility of gaining some money while you play your favorite games, we already described the different types of roulette you can select from, so before selecting a Bitcoin casino you should make sure it offers you the options you’re looking for, even though specialized casinos are an increasing trend in the market, you should take in account your preferences, if you are willing to try different games like Blackjack or slots you might want to select a platform with a wider game options.

Another big added value of online casinos are the very attractive promotions and bonus they offer, as the number of casinos increases; the promotions start to get better and as Bitcoin casinos are relatively new in the market they offer amazing promotions to attract new users. You should be very careful with promotions as some might sound as free money, but they are not! They are intended to give you a leverage to better enjoy your games and to have a better experience but you will have to play under their rules to get your earnings.

Finally we want to make a few recommendations for new players, first of all we suggest you select more than one platform to start your online gambling experience, it will help you to have a bigger view of the reach of these providers in terms of technology, promotions, interface, etc. there’s no better way of doing it than comparing their added value through your experience. Another recommendation will be to select at least one casino that offers free plays, which means you don’t have to bet with real money for playing, you can see this as a training that will help you get prepared for your online gambling experience. And the final recommendation is: keep it fun! Make sure your online betting experience doesn’t interfere negatively in your life).

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